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Wispers From the Forest
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[PKMN] Level Payment 5 by RavenFox19 [PKMN] Level Payment 5 :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 3 0 Clutch 8-9 by RavenFox19 Clutch 8-9 :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 4 9 Elixir Chibi Pin-up by RavenFox19 Elixir Chibi Pin-up :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 2 0 Lorelei Chibi Pin-up by RavenFox19 Lorelei Chibi Pin-up :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 7 0 New Blank Reference by RavenFox19 New Blank Reference :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 7 0 [PKMN] Level Payment 3-4 by RavenFox19 [PKMN] Level Payment 3-4 :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 6 2 Imani Chibi Pin-up by RavenFox19 Imani Chibi Pin-up :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 3 0 [PKMN] Move Payment 2 by RavenFox19 [PKMN] Move Payment 2 :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 4 1 Chibi Pin-up by RavenFox19 Chibi Pin-up :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 5 0 Snuffs Chibi Pin-up by RavenFox19 Snuffs Chibi Pin-up :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 4 0 Cookie Dough Chibi Pin-up by RavenFox19 Cookie Dough Chibi Pin-up :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 8 2 YCH Chibi Pin-up -Closed- by RavenFox19 YCH Chibi Pin-up -Closed- :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 2 29 Clutch 6-7 by RavenFox19 Clutch 6-7 :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 3 10 Soaring Timber by RavenFox19 Soaring Timber :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 5 0 Lunar Dream by RavenFox19 Lunar Dream :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 4 0 Cress Star by RavenFox19 Cress Star :iconravenfox19:RavenFox19 5 0


PKMN|Clutch|So Soft [Hold] by DevilsRealm PKMN|Clutch|So Soft [Hold] :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 21 55 The Clutch of Free Spirits - OPEN by CopiaNinjaKakashi The Clutch of Free Spirits - OPEN :iconcopianinjakakashi:CopiaNinjaKakashi 15 73 Let's Fly Clutch - OPEN by CopiaNinjaKakashi Let's Fly Clutch - OPEN :iconcopianinjakakashi:CopiaNinjaKakashi 8 4 Flower Garden Clutch - OPEN by CopiaNinjaKakashi Flower Garden Clutch - OPEN :iconcopianinjakakashi:CopiaNinjaKakashi 8 16 PKMNation - Many Myon! by JCBrokenLight PKMNation - Many Myon! :iconjcbrokenlight:JCBrokenLight 12 17 PKMN -  Chuck That Pyuku! [Collab w/ Ravenfox19] by JCBrokenLight PKMN - Chuck That Pyuku! [Collab w/ Ravenfox19] :iconjcbrokenlight:JCBrokenLight 23 11 Clutch 63 by ImImaginative Clutch 63 :iconimimaginative:ImImaginative 3 4 Clutch 86 and 87 by ImImaginative Clutch 86 and 87 :iconimimaginative:ImImaginative 5 0 Clutch 48- Island of Misfit Joys by ImImaginative Clutch 48- Island of Misfit Joys :iconimimaginative:ImImaginative 2 0 PKMNation Clutch: Mostly Flowers, Partially Stars by Cecilantro PKMNation Clutch: Mostly Flowers, Partially Stars :iconcecilantro:Cecilantro 9 23 [PKMN] Oliver x Shelby Clutch by JapanSilvercross16 [PKMN] Oliver x Shelby Clutch :iconjapansilvercross16:JapanSilvercross16 9 22 [PKMN] Birthday Clutch by JapanSilvercross16 [PKMN] Birthday Clutch :iconjapansilvercross16:JapanSilvercross16 12 11 Clutch 49 by Mondlichtkatze Clutch 49 :iconmondlichtkatze:Mondlichtkatze 44 9 [CLOSED] Reincarnation Clutch by hot-hot-ranch [CLOSED] Reincarnation Clutch :iconhot-hot-ranch:hot-hot-ranch 20 44 Pokemon fusions 3 by Kiwibon Pokemon fusions 3 :iconkiwibon:Kiwibon 1,629 71
{ May Event } .:Week 3: Trubbish Trouble!:.
Spring is in full swing, and many Pokemon have returned from their winter hideaways! In order to help welcome the new Pokemon and make this spring a pleasant one for everyone in Nation, Pokemon trainers and breeders alike have come together to organize a community service week!
.:Week 3:.
Thank you all who have joined us thus far, and welcome all newcomers! Now that the Pyuku problem is out of the way, we have a somewhat mundane yet important task for all of you.
Recently, littering has become a big problem all around the city, and it has created a lot of hazardous Poison type Pokemon, like Trubbish and Grimer! While the Pokemon aren't at fault here, we will have to do something to make sure they don't accidentally harm anyone. So, today we will be picking up litter to prevent more Poison types from forming and to make the cityscape pleasant again! Anyone who is capable is also encouraged to adopt or relocate these Poison type Pokemon. Just be sure to use protective equipment wh
:iconpkmnation:PKMNation 6 42



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[PKMN] Level Payment 5
(Headshot + shading + bg) x3 = 15lvls for PKMN|Flora|

Level Payment for DevilsRealm

=PKMN|Flora| reaches level 41~
Clutch 8-9
  • For Members of PKMNation only
  • If you would like, I can add you to the ping list for future clutches
  • Only buy if you're going to draw them
Ping List

Clutch A

Clutch w/JusticeWereWolf
Base Attack: 22
Clutch ID: 18876

Level: 6
Moa Reference x - Kiki Ref -

A1) Shinx/Flabebe- Cross/Fusion(Grass)|:female: |
:bulletgreen:Owner: ---
Price: 150:points:
Design Check:…

A2) Eevee/Flabebe- Shiny/Cross/Morph/Fusion(Ice)|:male:|
:bulletorange:Owner: hold Mondlichtkatze 
Price: 250:points: or 25lvls or OOS items
Design Check:…

A3) DYO Cross (Options: Eevee/Flabebe/Petilil/Shinx)|:female:|
:bulletgreen:Owner: ---
Price: 200:points: or 20lvls
Design Check: 

A4) Shinx/Petilil- Shiny/Cross/Morph/Fusion(Fairy) |:male:
:bulletorange:Owner: on hold for xnoodledragon 
Price: 250:points: or 25lvls or OOS items
Design Check:…

A5) Eevee/Flabebe- Cross |:female:|
:bulletgreen:Owner: ---
Price: 100:points:
Design Check:…

A6) Eevee/Shinx- Shiny/Cross/Morph/Fusion(Fairy)|:male:
:bulletorange:Owner: on hold for boylol1 
Price 250:points: or 25lvls or OOS items
Design Check:…

Clutch B

Clutch w/JusticeWereWolf
Base Attack: 14
Clutch ID: 18877

Level: 6
.: Silvermoon Ref :. x Curse Reference

B1) DYO Cross/Fusion (Options for Cross: Eevee/Pumpkaboo/Spritiomb; Options for Fusion: Fairy/Grass/Dark/Normal) |:female:|
:bulletorange:Owner: on hold for xnoodledragon 
Price: 250:points: or 25lvls
Design Check: 

B2) DYO Cross/Fusion (Options for Cross: Eevee/Pumpkaboo/Spiritomb; Options for Fusion: Fairy/Grass/Dark/Normal) |:male:|
:bulletgreen:Owner: ---
Price: 250:points: or 25lvls
Design Check: 

B3) DYO Cross/Fusion/Morph (Options for Cross: Eevee/Pumpkaboo/Spiritomb; Options for Fusion: Fairy/Grass/Dark/Normal) |:female:|
:bulletgreen:Owner: ---
Price: 300:points: or 30lvls
Design Check: 

B4) Eevee/Spiritomb- Cross/Fusion(grass) |:female:|
:bulletgreen:Owner: ---
Price: 150:points:
Design Check:…

B5) Eevee/Pumpkaboo- Cross/Morph/Fusion(Dark) |:male:|
:bulletblue:Owner: Mine
Design Check:…

B6) Eevee/Spiritomb- Shiny/Cross/Morph/Fusion(Fairy) |:female:|
:bulletorange:Owner: on hold for GalaxyFinch 
Price: 250:points: or 25lvls or OOS Items
Design Check:…
YCH Chibi Pin-up -Closed-
Can be used with any Pony Species or Pony OCs.
Alterations can be made if have a bat pony, griffon, alicorn, etc.
  1. Empty
  2. Empty
  3. Empty
Each slot costs 100:points:/$1 via paypal
If a character is very detailed there will be a 50:points:/$.50cent increase
If wanting a background added, either just solid color or specific type of background there will be a 50:points:/$.50 increase.

  • Do not send any points until I verify your form
  • Do not copy or trace

Please Comment with this Form:

Character Name:
Reference Link:
Your DA Name:
Payment Option:
Any other details: (background, expression, etc.)

Rules for Commissions

  1. If a character is very detailed, there will be a 200:points:/$2 increase to payment.
  2. I do have the right to deny a commission if I feel I may not be able to do it.
  3. Be sure to choose which type of commission you want, how you would want it to look and please be sure to involve a reference link.
  4. Don't send payment until I have confirmed your commission and I'll tell you for where to send payment for the points/note you the link to my paypal.

Able to draw:

-OCs: MLP, Gemsonas, Fursonas, etc.
-Species: Any open or closed species (I.E. Tamashi Tails, Dream Catcher Ponies, Ice Cream Ponies, etc.)

Payment Options are :points: or Paypal



Themed Background 800:points:/$8 USD

Random song by RavenFox19 (has a themed background, colored background outline)

Stand alone 400:points:/$4 USD

Night Vision Headshot by RavenFox19 (Doesn't have a background, only has just the headshot)


Themed background 2,000:points:/$20 USD

Night time stroll by RavenFox19 (Has a detailed background, slight action in it)

Stand alone 1,500:points:/$15 USD

Nilla Wafer by RavenFox19 (Has no background, is mainly a standalone image)


GIF animation w/plain background 1000:points:/$10 USD

Shadow Moon Love Mangos~ by RavenFox19 (Has plain background, is gif animated)

Stand alone 500:points:/$5 USD

Chibi Cronum by RavenFox19 (stand alone image)


Plain Icon 200:points:/$2 USD

Midnight fang icon by RavenFox19 (plain icon)


RavenFox19's Profile Picture

United States
Like to be challenged sometimes, will accept requests for a possible challenge and will try to do it, like to be random with friends



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